Thursday Mixed - Playoffs

Playoff & Consolation Games


All teams are included in the playoffs In each game, the winner will continue to the next round of playoffs.  Playoffs are sudden death.

Consolation games will be organized for all the teams not in the playoffs through the end of the season. Our last night of curling is March 29th.

Playoff games will be given 7pm ice times.

Championship prizes will be awarded as follows:

Curling Club Clothing

Game Tiebreakers:

In the event a game ends in a tie, a single stone tiebreaker draw will determine the winner.

i. Any team member can throw the tiebreaker draw, as determined by the skip.
ii. Players may sweep their own tiebreaker draw as if it were a normal delivery.
iii. Opposing players may not sweep a tiebreaker draw at any time.
iv. If neither tiebreaker draw results in a stone in the house, each team shall throw an additional tiebreaker draw.
v. Whichever tiebreaker draw is in the house and closest to the button is considered the winner.

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